It’s been a while. The joy of searching for childcare!

We’ve been busy here at Boolins HQ but that is no excuse for not doing a blog! Especially now I’ve got a fancy new keyboard that turns my iPad into a little laptop. We love a new gadget in this house and this one is working pretty well so far!

Recent musings seem mostly to be about childcare, a hot topic that everyone seems to have an opinion on. There are so many options out there and it seems to me that there is no one side fits all approach. Some people love nursery while others prefer a childminder, some love a nanny whilst others have amazing families. There are also many who have a mixed approach saving on cost but not putting too much on family.

I think the best approach is to go and visit as many of these places as possible as that’s the only way you’ll really get a flavour for it and whether it will work for you and your family. During our journey I visited many different places. I felt a little bad as some maybe thought I was time wasting, but I really think if you cant be a little selfish when it comes to deciding who’s going to help look after your little boo then really when can you be?

I asked lots of questions, I met lots of interesting people and I quickly realised that childcare is big business. But amongst many of the intricacies of this field and hidden in the legislation there are people who love this profession and are absolutely committed to giving your little people the best opportunity to thrive. The hours aren’t easy and  often there is no reasoning with the little ones but that’s not why these professionals get out of bed each day. They get to see the purest joy in the world, the biggest smiles and the wonder of excitement; now who wouldn’t want a piece of that in their own workplace? I know I cerntainly would!*

My best advice is give yourself time and plenty of it to make this decision. If you take a few weeks who cares, this one is a biggie!

* Yes I know childcare is hard work and its not for everyone. There are many forms of work that give people that feeling and that is why there are so many different options available. Today lets celebrate Vive la difference!!!