Broken leg…or is it?

So it’s been a challenging but bizarre few days in the Boolins household!

Last Thursday my toddler decided for the umpteenth time to empty the cats water bowl all on the floor. As we were just walking in the door I didn’t have chance to mop up the water. More fool me! Hubby was away so it was just mummy on duty and I’ve only got so many hands and patience as it wasn’t the first time the water bowl has been spilt. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Around 10pm I went to lock up and guess what I forgot about, yes that’s right the massive puddle of water all over the floor. I went flying and landed straight onto my right knee and took the full force of my fall.

Straight away a lump came up on my knee and I though ohh that doesn’t look good. What I’ll do is go to bed and hope in the morning it looks ok. In the morning the lump was still there but it seemed ok ish so I carried on with my day. By the end of the day my knee was looking quite sore and still swollen. By the time hubby got home I was beginning to wonder if a trip to minor injuries might be on the cards. We discussed it and once again decided that I’d sleep on it and see how it was in the morning. I know we like to really think these things through 😂😂

Morning came and if anything my knee looked worse and was beginning to chance shape so we decided that the best thing to do was go to minor injuries. We got there 20 minutes after opening and they already had a 2 hour wait. Not the best place for a very busy and active toddler. So hubby takes the toddler of for a walk and comes back around 1.5 hours later, with new shoes for our toddler of course 😁.

Around this time I finally get seen and although they ‘don’t routinely X-ray knees’ they decide to X-ray mine! This is probably the quickest part of the process and the X-ray is done in about 15 minutes and then I’m back in the room with to hear my fate 😬. Having already been asked how I got there and how I was planning to get home I was already thinking this is not going to be good news!! 😳

So after discussion in the medical team they decided whilst my knee bone was ok the bone just below my knee was fractured. 🤦‍♀️ 😬😬They wanted to do a full leg cast there and then. OMG!! I’m thinking how the hell am I going to manage a toddler with a full leg cast on?! 🤬😳🤔 Anyhow after some discussion they decided a leg brace and crutches would be ok. This was significantly better than a full leg cast but still not the best!

So I go home leg brace, crutches and all but not before I’ve done the walk of shame through the now very busy waiting room 🙄. I now had to wait until Monday before I could be seen by fracture clinic. Let’s just say Sunday was a very long day!!

Monday morning came and thankfully fracture clinic could see me. The consultant came in greeted me, hubby and toddler and went straight to my X-rays. He took a look and said to my toddler ‘I think I’m going to have some good news for mummy’. My heart was beating in my chest and I’m thinking please let it not be broken 🙏 🙏. The consultant continued his exam and made me walk and then said the magic words! ‘I don’t think it’s broken’! OMG the relief!! I’d been not so secretly praying for this since leaving minor injuries! Best bit of news ever! Could not even begin to imagine love king after my toddler for 4-6 weeks with a broken leg, 24 hours was long enough!😂

So what have a learnt from this… always tidy up after your toddler 😂😂😉😉