What do you call Father Christmas’ helpers? 🎅🎄

As my toddler is getting older we’ve managed to successfully visit Father Christmas at various different places. By successful I mean he hasn’t taken one look at the big jolly man in a red suit and screamed blue murder!! But Daddy and I have recently begun to wonder what and how we should be referring to all these different lookalikes? Are they helpers? Are they Elves? I just don’t know…

We’ve had the visit to Father Christmas at Centre Parcs back in November, which was a very slick affair, think magical winter wonderland, snow tipped Christmas trees and actual reindeers! Everything was going just as it should until the family picture, included in the price, didn’t go quite to plan. The connection between the camera and the payment desk didn’t quite work so when we went to the desk to collect our picture there was in fact no picture to view 🙊. So off we trundled back to into Father Christmas’ little room to have our picture taken again. I can only imagine what my toddler might have said to this could he communicate fully 😂

Then there was the trip to our local garden centre in which attempting to learn from earlier mistakes I booked a specific time. This would have probably gone well if they were running on time, but alas they were not and my toddler became almost feral waiting in the queue. Daddy took him off for a breather but still the queue did not move!! Eventually after much cajoling we made it in and my toddler made the transformation from wild beast into a cherubic angel. The only problem was I was not able to transform my mood quite as quickly as he was!! In true angelic fashion we made it through the letter writing, reindeer food making and magic bean making to the eventual viewing with Father Christmas where he transformed himself even further into the wonder toddler. He gently touched Father Christmas’ beard, he ooohed and ahhhed in all the right places to the extent that even Father Christmas commented on what a well behaved child he was. I didn’t really have much of a response for this other than to continue to quietly seethe inside!

Finally we had a visit to our local discount store, in which they create a full on grotto. It was pretty late in the day and we were fast approaching the witching hour, so quite frankly what was I thinking, but still there was a queue and the faint hope that all would go well. Unfortunately my toddler and queues haven’t quite computed so he had the mother of all tantrums, even the offer of a toy car from a lady behind us did nothing to help the situation. Eventually we made it to the front of the queue and again he transformed! We had a lovely time wandering through the grotto seeing the fabulous fairies and of course the Christmas Toy Story scene. Nothing says Christmas like a giant Buzz Lightyear, Woody and not forgetting Jessie?! We got to Father Christmas, made it through the obligatory photo and then we got to actually choose our toy. I cant quite decide whether I like this or not, whilst you get to decided which one you want I cant help but feel it looses a little bit of the magic seeing piles of toys all heaped in one place.

However this brings me back to my question; with so many different Father Christmas’ on offer how do you actually explain to your little one who they are and how they fit in with the one who lives in the North Pole?

As the saying goes ‘seeing is believing’ but is it really possible to believe one Father Christmas can be in all those different places and at the same time?!

So… I’m wondering what do you think and what do you call them?