Unexpected uses.. who knew?

It’s always surprising to me as a dad how much ‘stuff’ mummy tries to cram into a bag before we go out which rarely gets to see sunlight, and is inevitably found, weeks later, stuffed at the bottom with some old biscuits or a forgotten bag of nappies and before it’s even been used finds itself in the washing machine again destined, it would seem, to spend its life never serving it’s true purpose.

But what do dad’s know? I was pleasantly surprised on this wet Sunday morning at the park (a poor wet day activity choice) and all of the activities were holding puddles of water to find a boolin in the bag.

Although our little boy was content to look at the very wet see-saw (sea-saw?) admire from a distance the swings that had water pooled in the seats and generally avoid the puddles, because daddy had not packed the puddle suit. He was very unhappy that daddy had initially decided that the slide which was so wet it wouldn’t have been out of place at a water park was also a no-go zone, and as I’m sure all readers of this blog will have experienced with their little one, quite determined that he was going to use it. What to do? Well, thankfully, secreted away (possibly months before) in the bag was the afore mentioned boolin… Super absorbent you see, and it seemed perfect for mopping up wet slides.

Now, I’m very aware that they were not designed for this purpose, but our little boo had a great time on the slide and daddy successfully kept the little boys trousers from soaking up water like a sponge. And all the other children seemed to enjoy the newly opened slide too, win win!

However this daddy will be keeping the secret use of the boolin too himself, it’s already in the washing machine, and once dry will be tucked (not crammed) away at the bottom of the bag ready to save the day again when called upon.

I wonder now did Mummy know of these other uses all along…?