Christmas is coming… 2 visits to Santa in one day!

So today has been another busy day in the Boolins household. This morning we went to visit Santa with mini boo. I know he’s only 1 but still Christmas is as much about the big ones as it is the little ones!! Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We arrived at the grotto with high expectations and thankfully we weren’t disappointed. The grotto was amazing, however mini boo managed to muster up as much enthusiasm as limp lettuce. Honestly you’d think it was the dullest thing we could do, I plan to remind him of his grump in years to come when Santa will be much much more exciting. Santa was lovely though and mini boo got a present with wheels so this at least raised a smile. We managed not to get sucked in to buying the picture at only £4!!

I then had a thought that perhaps mini boo was hungry, I work on the basis if in doubt feed him! So we popped into the local garden centre for an early lunch. Here there was of course another Santa, so we thought why not, maybe this time mini boo will break a smile. Well thankfully we weren’t disappointed. Obviously Santa to a 1 year old is a little scary and there was a couple of moments which could’ve have ended badly, but on the whole we had smiles, interest and I think fun! Even 5e presents were pretty good.

However even with all the excitement of the 2 visits I still managed to fit in a little sewing. I completed my competition winners parcels and got them in the post. It’s so lovely to think they are now on their way to 2 complete strangers who’ll get the excitement of receiving something that they’ve won. I love winning things, although it doesn’t happen often for me sadly.

Cant wait to hear what they think, I hope they like them!