Having a baby has pretty much turned our world upside down and back again. Nothing and we mean nothing quite prepares you for the changes they bring. Not even having a pet! Get a pet by all means but don’t go thinking that it’s good practice because it’s not! Our little boo is now 1 and we still can’t quite get used to the idea that we are parents let alone parents of a toddler. When he was little he was a very sicky baby, which as first time parents we thought was normal. Now we know the difference between posseting and sicky and down right vomit up an entire bottle! We found that muslins just didn’t cut it when it came to mopping copious amounts of baby sick. So we bought burp cloths, these were a little better but they are quite small. We decided this would be an ideal time to get Our thinking caps on and see what we could do! Goodness, what were we thinking… Anyhow this is when Boolins Organic was created. We quickly decided we wanted to create a cloth that was big enough for any possible use but also small enough to fit in baby’s bag. We also knew that we wanted to use bamboo materials because they have some amazing properties and anyone with babies with skin conditions will know, we parents will try anything that will help! As our little boo has got older our ‘boolins’ are amazing at mopping food smears, vomit, dribble, snot…. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination but there are other bodily functions which babies do regularly! We believe their uses really have grown with our little boo.