The beginning

I’ve always wanted to have a go at doing something for myself. I’ve just never known exactly what!! Which some might say is a bit of a problem.

I find it hard to believe in myself somedays, that I am capable and that I can make it work. But I recently decided to really believe in the mantra that if I don’t try then I’ll never know. I’d rather lament the trying than regret the never knowing.

Becoming a mother and parent has really made me think about the values that I want to instil in my little boo. I want him to be all the usual things parents want but I also want him to look at me and truly believe that he can be anything he wants. Yes there’ll be hard work involved but he can make it work.

So I made the rash decision, and those who know me will know this is very unlike me, to try something of my own. To really try.

I believe that organic and bamboo is the way forward. Yes many babies these days have skin conditions and these materials can help; and often it’s only parents of babies with skin conditions who research and google fanatically to find the best products. But I think all parents should know about the wonderful properties of bamboo and how my Boolins can help.

So I guess this is just a really long way of saying thank you for joining me on my journey and helping me grow.

Welcome along to all my boo’s x